Creating Photorealistic Images With AI: Using Stable Diffusion

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Take your AI art to the next level with this complete guide to prompting photorealistic portraits in Stable Diffusion. Learn professional skills for harnessing AI's creative potential through optimized text prompts.

Packed with over 350 images, 200 specialized prompts and tutorials for exact control over photorealistic aesthetics like lighting, cameras, lenses and more. The extensive Lookbook galleries showcase stunning fashion, glamour, lifestyle, cinematic photographs indistinguishable from reality.

Whether you're a beginner seeking to master prompt engineering fundamentals or an experienced user looking to refine techniques, this is the ultimate resource. Gain deep insights into achieving flawless results by traversing tricky areas like hands and expressions.

While focused on Stable Diffusion, the prompting principles taught also apply to DALL-E 2, Midjourney and other AI systems. The book covers practical editing workflows for seamlessly polishing images. Unlock the full creative possibilities and finally translate your photographic imagination into jaw-dropping AI art.

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182 Page Prompt Guide, 350+ Images, 200 Prompts, Tutorial and Guide To Create Photorealistic Portraits With AI

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Creating Photorealistic Images With AI: Using Stable Diffusion

302 ratings
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